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Karta Leo Cattery - Persians in Bi-colour and Calico


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Grooming Tips for Persian
Groom your Persian's coat every other day.  Avoid nylon combs because they generate static electricity. If you discover a knot, simply tease it apart with your fingers then brush/comb it. If you need to cut it out, first slide a comb underneath the knot to separate the knot from the skin. Using round-tipped scissors, cut the hair sitting on top of the comb.

Wipe tearing eyes with a damp washcloth (no soap) ideally 3 - 4 times daily. For problems with staining around the eyes, consult your vet before using any cleansers or solutions.

Bathe your Persian once a month. Fill a basin/tub with lukewarm water. Using cat shampoo, work up a lather all over the fur. Be careful around the eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Be sure to run a comb through the coat to prevent matting.