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Karta Leo Cattery - Persians in Bi-colour and Calico

About Us
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Important note:   If you are looking for a Persian kitten- MAKE SURE it is a real Persian- CFA now allows Long Hair Exotics to be shown as Persians. These cats are not Persians- they are built around the short hair standard and are a various mix of short hair breed cats combined with Persians. 

My name is Grace from Hong Kong.  I was raised in a family where our cats were part of our family - they were treated with respect and love as our companions. Yes, my cats sleep on our bed and in our chairs, and are not relegated to a cage in a separate building.

Karta-Leo Cattery was established in 2006 summer and I hope everybody could share my joy of having a lovely cat as part of your family.



We are located in a 3 Storey House at Sai Kung




Apart from cats, travel is our favorite hobby !