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Karta Leo Cattery - Persians in Bi-colour and Calico

Grooming 2
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Persian coat clarification

Here are a few of the more common expressions used to describe Persian coat

1) Draping coat - hair that naturally falls in a beautiful cascade. When combined with a heavy, full coat, is indeed a joy to behold. Requires a medium conditioner to enhance the draping effect.

2) Full coat - good length of coat all over the cat. A Nice coat to have !

3) Coat to the floor - no need to explain, you like a lucky draw winner if you have such cat !

4) Heavy coat - good length combined with thick, dense coat. May require extra degreasing in order to penetrate to the roots.

5) Dense coat many hairs per square inch, results in lots of "lift" and lots of body, the cat looks like a ball, always happen on Dilute Calico

6) Plush coat - thick, dense, lots of body, stands off well from body, soft, not as much length as a full coat. Use of a mousse can emphasize the "standing off from the body" qualities.

7) Oily coat - usually oily at roots especially the tail, making hair clump or appear stringy. Requires serious degreasing. Always happen on entire male.

8) Cottony coat - when controlled, is as beautiful as a full draping coat. Can mat easily, so can be difficult to maintain. Can only apply a VERY LIGHT conditioner.

9) Dry coat - Sometime a result of over degreasing or diet or even genetics. Need hot oil treatments.

10) Flyaway coat - normal thickness hair but with thinner ends that lack body, resulting in wispy ends that "fly" in all directions. Often benefits from a leave in moisturizer in the dry coat.

11) Static-y coat - flyaway coat with a mind of its own. Use a static control spray in the show hall such as texturizing sprayer.

12) Short coat - Again no need to explain, coat that never grows to a great length. A mousse or gel can make the best of "looks longer" -- but nothing short of a hair transplant will make your kitty look like it has coat.

13) Out of coat - carries coat, just not right now. The cat may be said to be wearing a bikini, nothing we can do on grooming. The best soluation is time and shortened exposure to daylight to mimic seasonal changes.

14) Coarse coat - a thicker hair, maintains its own shape, often harder to the touch. Texture can seem to be color related - tabbies often have a different texture than a solid colored cat.

15) Soft coat - thinner, very flexible hairs. Try a volumizing shampoo. No conditioner needed.

16) Summer coated - Persian refers to a cat who is in full coat in the summer months when most Persians are out of coat. This is a great advantage when you campaign your cat.

... so what kind of coat does YOUR kitty have?