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Karta Leo Cattery - Persians in Bi-colour and Calico

Our Princes

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GC, DW Karta Leo Prince Berkeley

Sire: CH Taragona's Strawberry Hunter

Dam: GC Karta Leo Princess Annette



Bhakti Ronaldo of Karta Leo, Blue (From Italy)
Sire: D'Eden Lover Over the Moon
Dam: D'Eden Lover White Edition

GC Latin Lover Christmas of Karta Leo
Sire: GC,BW,NW Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover, DM
Dam: Latin Lover Celebrity


GC, DW Karta Leo Prince Seymour
Sire -GC, DW Top Knot's Merlin of Karta Leo
Dam - CH Karta Leo Princess Heather



GC, DW Topknot Merlin of Karta Leo, Copper eyed White (from USA)
Sire: CH Sunny Ridge's Mr Magoo of Topknot
Dam: Topknot's Sonya